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Welcome to Sycamore Class

Welcome to Year 5!

Class Teacher: Miss Thompson/Mrs Wood

Teaching Assistant: Mrs James


This term we will be:

Literacy: Writing a creation myth where we will be learning to choose sentences carefully to make our writing interesting and exciting for the reader and use more adventurous vocabulary ensuring that our work makes sense.


Numeracy: Learning how to use place value with numbers within 1,000,000 to complete mental maths activities, to round to nearest 10, 100, 1000 and 10000, to convert between measures and use formal methods of addition and subtraction accurately. We will be also completing our fortnightly times tables challenges.


Science: We will be looking at different Forces and carrying out a variety of experiments using fair tests to try out our theories and draw some conclusions.


Topic: Our topic is 'Mexico and the Maya'. We will be learning how the Maya fit in with world history, where they lived then and now, what their daily lives were like and how their society worked.


PSHE: Our topic is Valuing Differences where we will be looking at friendships, diversity, valuing our own individuality and learning about tolerance and acceptance.

Sycamore Homework (15/10/21)

As part of our PSHE lessons, we have been looking at how our differences make us unique and what different groups of people in our community and across the UK have brought to society to make us so diverse and multi-cultural.

During the lesson, you were allocated a group that is part of the UK. Please research your group and find out the following:

  • Religious beliefs
  • Religious practices
  • Customs
  • Dress
  • Food
  • Music
  • Architecture

Please bring the information to school on Wednesday (20/10/21) as we are going to use this to illustrate with information and drawings to create a class display called The United Kingdom Jigsaw.

Miss Thompson



Reading at home

Children are expected to read to an adult at home for at least 10 minutes daily.

School Reading Books can be changed on Tuesday and Thursdays . Children in Sycamore Class are expected to put their book and diary in the book change box on these days.  Please indicate in the reading diary when you have read with your child.   


Please see attached list of words below. These are the spellings that children are expected to learn to spell by the end of Year 5/6.

Times Tables

In Year 5 children are expected to know the following all the times tables including division facts. We are doing fortnightly times tables challenges in class to reinforce these.


Here are some suggested websites to help you practise:


This term our topic is 'Mexico and the Maya'.

Suggested websites if you would like to complete some additional research with your child:


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