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Welcome to Saplings smiley

Please have a look to see what we will be learning about and how you can support at home. We will also display photos of some of the lovely things we have been doing at school! If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.


Kind Regards

Mrs Edwards

Saplings Class Teacher



Topics for the Year 2023-2024


Autumn 1 - Harvest & All about Me

Autumn 2 - Winter Wonderland

Spring 1 - Space

Spring 2 - Mini-beasts

Summer 1 - Animals

Summer 2 - Pirates and the Seaside


The topics will be an over arching theme for each half term,

linking in across all areas of the curriculum.


How you can support your child at home: 

Reading at home

Children are expected to read to an adult at home for at least 10 minutes daily.

School Reading Books are sent home daily and will be changed when your child has read them twice, once for decoding and then the second time for comprehension.  Please indicate in the reading diary when you have read with your child so we know that they require a new book.

Please see for more electronic books.


Please help your child to practise the letters sounds we have taught in school. Your child will start with Basics 2 and then progress onto basics 3. Please help your child to learn their tricky words at home. They need to be able to read and write these tricky words. You can start with a few words at the beginning and then add a new word in each time. It is progressive so the children will learn basics 2 words first and then move onto basics 3. Some phonics website with free games to have a look at are: and

Number facts

In Reception children are expected to know the following:

Subitising amounts up to 6

Number bonds to 5/10

Counting up to 20

Ordering numbers up to 20

Doubling numbers up from 1+1=2 up until 9+9=18

Halving and sharing amounts

Telling the time -the hour- o'clock

Weighing objects and measuring length or height

Here are some suggested websites to help you practise…


Summer 2 - Pirates and the Seaside


In this last half-term, we will be thinking about the seaside and pirates, you could talk about famous pirates, and what they did. Or if you visit the seaside think about what you might find there. You could talk about the different animals that live in the sea. What do they look like? How do they move in the water.

This half term we also talk about recycling and taking care of our planet.


You could make a boat to sail around the seas, where might you like to visit? Or make a fish out of junk modelling.


You could read stories lik:

  • Sharing a Shell,
  • The pirates next door,
  • Commotion in the Ocean,
  • The lighthouse Keepers Lunch
  • The Rainbow fish.


Tips for staying safe at the beach - CBeebies - BBC you could talk about how to stay safe at the seaside.  



Homelearning - website access


Something to support letter sounds and phonics, lots of games here to help with learning.

Free home Access for phonics play is:

Username: Jan21 

Password: home

Coronavirus / COVID-19 School Closure Help ( 


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