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Ash Class 2020


Welcome to Year 1



Week beginning:  

Monday 19th October

Topic and English

The children have created their own fairy tale settings of a wood. This week we will develop sentences and short descriptions of our settings and develop our use of adjectives to describe what is in these woods.

In Maths we will continue start to solve addition problems using number lines and tens frames. We will be looking at the symbols in a number equation and learning that the equal sign means 'the same as'. Can we please ask parents to support us in this and to be careful not to say for example that 2 add 2 'makes' 4 as this may be confusing when solving missing number problems and with later learning in maths.  We will also be looking at length and using the language of shorter and longer to compare the lengths of objects to a ruler.

In RE this week we are exploring why Jesus is important to Christians.

In Science we have started our Materials topic. We are looking at the material that objects are made from including wood, rock, water, plastic, glass and metal. This week we will be exploring and describing the texture of different materials.


If you have any queries or wish to contact us please email:

or you may contact the school office


Hope you all have a good week,


Mrs Schroeter, Mrs Brookes and Mrs Fletcher.

support for children's mental health.


Your questions and concerns about coronavirus answered


Things to remember weekly:


  • We  send home  2 reading books on Mondays which are only to be returned to school on Fridays. Please log in the diary each time your child reads, each book should be read 2 times through. 
  • Forest School is on Tuesday's once a fortnight. Next session is this Tuesday 20th October. 
  • Outdoor PE will be every Monday please send the children to school dressed appropriately.
  • Indoor PE is on a Friday once a fortnight. Next session is after half term on 6th November
  • Please remember to send in a water bottle every Monday which will be brought home on Fridays.
Supporting your child's learning at home:


Please support your child in these areas:

  • Formation of numbers to 20.
  • knowledge of numbers to 20. This includes counting (route counting, counting numbers from a larger group, counting objects that are not arranged in lines), recognising all digits / numerals to 20 and matching to objects or quantities, counting backwards from 20.
  • simple addition within 20.


The following online sites might be helpful and fun:


Addition and number skills can be consolidated through Numbots - please see the information below.​​​​​​​


Introducing NumBots

Lapworth school has subscribed to a maths app called NumBots which is part of 'TTrockstars' which older siblings may be familiar with. NumBots is aimed at younger children and develops knowledge of number and addition and subtraction facts. These are important skills for children to develop and consolidate before year 2 where they start to develop their multiplication knowledge. Please read more about Numbots in the pdf letter above. If you have not received your login details please email us at school.


Please have fun playing with Numbots, it tends to be quite popular and is a great way to develop skills if played in short regular sessions. Can we ask you to always log off at the end of each session, otherwise if the children have an opportunity to play at school they will not be able to access their games.

Phonics and Reading.


Please help your child to:


  • develop their knowledge of the phase 3 phonics sounds
  • practice reading and writing words and sentences containing the phase 4 blends.
  • be able to read the year 1 words by sight (please see word list below).


Below you will find a number of resources to support phonics knowledge and reading.


Phonic sounds

Please watch the clip in the web link below which will help your child to correctly pronounce each phonic sound. Not only will this prepare them for their phonics screening test later this year but will also help develop reading skills.


Letters and sounds You Tube lessons

Please go to this YouTube site to find a series of phonic lessons which link to the national curriculum. Head to Year 1 Autumn lessons.

Handwriting -





























White Rose Maths - Home learning Spring and Summer 2020

Please try and do  5 minutes on Numbots daily. We ask that you please  focus on Numbots and addition -subtraction and number as this is a very important foundation that needs to be solidified in year 1 (TTrockstars and timestables is suggested for year 2 onwards - in year 1 we focus on skip counting in 2's 5's and 10's). Numbots  does start off simply but moves on fairly quickly whilst establishing good number knowledge and concepts. 

Another useful web resource that is allowing parental access during school closures is Twinkl. This website provides activities across the curriculum. Details below:


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