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Ash Class 2020


Welcome to Year 1

Dear Parents and Children,


We hope you have been managing at home and accessing some of the home learning we have planned for you. Mrs Adams and Mrs Brookes enjoyed meeting with you all on teams this week. Mrs Schroeter is hoping to set up a teams meet on Thursday for an opportunity to speak to all the children and to have a small geography lesson about the Artic. A teams invite will be sent out on Monday.


Next week we will continue using Oak academy for our English lessons where we are enjoying the series of lessons. We will however be moving our Maths lessons to White Rose maths which proved very popular last year. Links for these lessons can be found on this weeks time table below. The power points and maths worksheets can be found in the files section of MS Teams.


Learning for all foundation subjects (e.g. science and geography) as well as phonics and handwriting can be found below. Please remember to practice spelling words weekly and to try to read daily for 10 minutes.


We would really like to see how children are progressing and would like you to send images of their work. This can be uploaded into assignment files on Teams or as an email via the contact3147 email address. Please use the school contact email if we can support you in any way with home learning or anything else. We do understand that every family is in different circumstances and many have lots of different things to juggle, so please just support your child to do what you and they can manage at the moment.


Thank you


Mrs Brookes and Mrs Schroeter

Home Learning -  Week beginning 18th January

Access White Rose Maths Power Points videos here.

Year 1 words weekly reading and spelling list













As well as focusing on looking at some new words from the list each week we will also repeat some words to help with longer term recognition of these words.







Phonics                 Focus  Split digraphs o_e,  u_e,

This weeks focus for phonics team lessons will be the split digraphs o_e,  u_e,. Please note that the u_e split digraph can make two different sounds /oo/ like in the word flute or /you/ like in the word cube. If you would like further practice with these sounds please access the work sheet in your resources pack or visit the links below.

Pronunciation of phase 5 sounds

Letters and sounds lesson: o_e

Phonics  lesson: u_e  (oo sound)

Letters and sounds lesson: u_e  (you sound eg. cute)


Feeling unsure how to support your child with phonics? The following link will take you to a free parents webinar.



During lockdown Phonics Play is allowing free access to their site:

Username: Jan21 

Password: home 


Geography       The Physical Features of the Artic circle.


Physical features are the parts of our landscape that occur naturally. For example  rocks, mountains, valleys, cliffs rivers and streams etc.  

Discuss with your family what physical features are in the environment close to where you live.

If we think about the Artic which forms the northern most part of our Earth - what physical feature do you think you will see.

Have a look at the slide presentation below. As you look at each picture on the slides can you guess what the physical feature is? When you have finished the power point see if you can complete the labels on the Artic Picture in your resources folder. Can you have a go at matching the definitions and pictures to the features icons on the Landscapes worksheet?

If you wish to explore the artic further you may visit this site:


Part of the year 1 Religious Education curriculum explores the Jewish faith. Oak academy has a unit for year 1 on Judaism which we would like you to explore. You could start by exploring 'Why did Moses lead the Israelites out of Egypt.' which can be found here.


Please practice handwriting through  A letter with login details can be found below. We would like you to practice forming capital letters and using these to start each new sentence. This weeks letters to practice are F-J. Worksheets can be found in your resource pack or can be found below. You may also try tracing letters directly on your tablet using the letterjoin app and explore other fun features and games.

PSHE                       Friendships


Please visit Oak academy for the first lesson about developing good friendships.

ICT: Purple Mash

(Purple Mash can be found through resources on the home page of welearn365)

This week we would like you to continue with your animated story by adding sounds your stories. Open up the animated story that you have saved in your work folder. If they have not saved a story yet they may start a new animated story through: 

or search for 2Create a story through the search engine in Purple Mash home page and click on the first icon. Launch app and select 'simple story'. 

An example of how to create an animated story can be found here:  

Click on the microphone in the top right corner to open the sound options – the selection can be changed by looking in the scroll down boxes. If you would like to be adventurous you can even add your own tunes through a piano function or record your voice to narrate the story. Look at the attached lesson plan to help you:

Lapworth school has subscribed to a maths app called NumBots which is part of 'TTrockstars' which older siblings may be familiar with. NumBots is aimed at younger children and develops knowledge of number and addition and subtraction facts. These are important skills for children to develop and consolidate before year 2 where they start to develop their multiplication knowledge. Please read more about Numbots in the pdf letter above. If you have not received your login details please email us at school.


Please have fun playing with Numbots, it tends to be quite popular and is a great way to develop skills if played in short regular sessions. Can we ask you to always log off at the end of each session, otherwise if the children have an opportunity to play at school they will not be able to access their games.

Phonics and Reading.


Please help your child to:


  • develop their knowledge of the phase 3 and phase 5 phonics sounds
  • practice reading and writing words and sentences containing the phase 4 blends.
  • be able to read the year 1 words by sight (please see word list below).


Below you will find a number of resources to support phonics knowledge and reading.


Phonic sounds

Please watch the clip in the web link below which will help your child to correctly pronounce each phonic sound. Not only will this prepare them for their phonics screening test later this year but will also help develop reading skills.


Letters and sounds You Tube lessons

Please go to this YouTube site to find a series of phonic lessons which link to the national curriculum. Head to Year 1 Autumn lessons.


Interactive games:




Additional online reading and English resources:





Support for children's mental health.


Your questions and concerns about coronavirus answered

White Rose Maths - Home learning Spring and Summer 2020

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