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Summer 1

Our learning for the week beginning 22nd May 2023:



We will be composing our own non-chronological reports about a chosen theme that is close to us, be it an interest, hobby or something we are knowledgeable about. Following this, we will be focussing on cohesion in our writing, as we plan and then create a fluent, high quality creative writing pieces.



Our focus will be on statistics, notably line graphs and pie charts respectively. 



As well as our unit on Networks, we will be revisiting online safety and knowing what is appropriate to send to friends online.



Our electricity investigation will focus on how the brightness of bulbs changes depending on how many cells and bulbs are in the circuit. We shall hypothesise; carry out the investigation and then write our conclusions.



We will be following our designs of a motorised fairground ride to create a product featuring an electrical circuit, evaluating the process and the product.

Learning without limits nurtured by Christian Values