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Week beginning 01.06.20: Celebrations - home learning

Week beginning 18.05.20: Food - home learning

Week beginning 11.05.20: Environments - home learning

Week beginning 04.05.20: Animals - home learning

Teams teacher meetings


As of next week, we will be moving to smaller Teams meetings as we think it will be easier to hear each other and give everyone the opportunity to speak and share their work.  As mentioned on Wednesday's meeting, if you haven't already done so, please email the school office with two or three names of children your child would like to be in a meeting with and we will do our best to organise this.  Friday's meeting will take place as normal this week at 1pm and we will be in touch via email soon to let you know a time slot and your child's group for next week.


Many thanks,


Mrs Tamlin and Mrs Costar

Robotics Drawing and Story Writing Competitions for Children


The competitions are hosted by the EPSRC UK Robotics and Autonomous Systems Network as part of UK Robotics Week (22nd – 28th June), a 7-day celebration of robotics science spanning hundreds of public events and activities up and down the country.


The “Once Upon A Robot” writing competition is open to all Key Stage 2 children (aged 7 - 11 years old), and challenges competition participants to write an 800-word story featuring any kind of robot their imagination can conjure. The story could take place on Earth, in space or even on another planet!


The KS2 writing competition will be judged by award-winning writer AF Harrold, author of The Imaginary and the popular Greta Zargo series.


There are fabulous prizes on offer, including a Makeblock Programmable robot kit (courtesy of Pipebots), a Thames Komos Robotics Experiment kit (provided by Brains on Board), plus some unique and exclusive prizes courtesy of the guest judges.


The competitions close for entries on the 8th June 2020


For more information, details of prizes, judging criteria and to submit an entry, please visit



Week beginning 27.04.20: Viewpoint home learning

What to do if you are worried while school is closed:

Week beginning 20.04.20

Hello Mulberry Class!

We hope you are all staying safe and well and had a chocolate-filled Easter!  Hopefully it won't be too long before we are back in school but in the meantime we have a new theme for you to focus on while you are learning at home.


This week's theme is all about your local area.  We have tried to give you a range of different writing tasks so hopefully you can find a few that appeal to you!  You might like to show off your creative writing skills by doing some descriptive writing or have a go at  creating a menu for the day for you and a friend.  By all means add some photographs or drawings to your work.


Keep an eye on the class page as we will continue to add some extra ideas, resources and activities for those of you who are keen to do a bit more.  


For those of you keen to do some extra writing have a look at the following link where you can watch videos by a range of authors, download extracts and have a go at some of the writing activities:


My mini maths site is also offering some great home learning activities just like the starter activities you do each day: 


Happy learning!


Mrs Tamlin and Mrs Costar

Week beginning 20.04.20: Local Area home learning

During the school closure, each class teacher has created a home-school education plan for their year group focusing on a theme.  The theme is the same across the school so those of you with children in multiple year groups can work on it together.  Teachers will be updating their class pages each week with a new plan of activities linked to a new theme.  Literacy and foundation subject activities will be linked to the theme which for this week is 'Family'.  


Only numeracy lessons will be year group specific and will be found on  Here you will find a video starter activity and corresponding worksheets.  If your child finds their year group's work too challenging or too easy, feel free to look at the year group below or above.


We have also created a suggested timetable that you may like to use to structure your day.  We understand that many of you are trying to work and look after children during this difficult period, so please do not feel under any pressure to complete all the activities.  Do as much or as little as you choose.  As always, the main skills to focus on are reading and number facts (times tables, addition and subtraction, number bonds etc.) and there are many online resources that can be used to to support these.


Please do not hesitate to contact us via the school email address if we can help in any way. 


Stay safe and we hope to be seeing you soon.


Mrs Tamlin and Mrs Costar


We are delighted to inform you about a new service we’re using to support your child’s maths education. The creators of Times Tables Rock Stars have produced a platform for boosting addition and subtraction skills, called NumBots.


Big Difference

NumBots is an online game and playing little and often will significantly improve your child’s recall and understanding of number bonds and addition and subtraction facts. These are critical foundations in maths so we are excited by the impact NumBots will have.


Logging In

The children use their TTRS Login.  Simply go to and enter the details.


Little and often In order to get the best out of NumBots children should regularly play for short bursts.


Game Types

1. Story Mode – the emphasis is on learning the ideas and concepts behind addition and subtraction so it features more diagrams, shapes and question styles.

2. Challenge Mode – the emphasis is more on speed of recall of key facts, like number bonds to 10, doubling small numbers or adding & taking away in your head.


If you have any difficulties logging in or questions please email school and we can look in to it for you.

Coronavirus closure cover letter Mulberry Class

Performance Poetry with Year 4!


Reading at home

Children are expected to read to an adult at home for at least 10 minutes daily.

School Reading Books are changed on a Monday and Thursday. Children in Mulberry Class are expected to put their book and diary in the book change box on these days.  Please indicate in the reading diary when you have read with your child.   

Weekly Homework

Maths and English Homework are set on alternate weeks.

Homework is set on Monday and due in the following Monday.


Please see attached list of words below. These are the spellings that children are expected to learn to spell by the end of Year 3/4.

Times Tables

In Year 3 children are expected to know the following:

2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 x tables.


Here are some suggested websites to help you practise:


This term our topic is 'Extreme Survival'.

Suggested websites if you would like to complete some additional research with your child:

Starburst Rock Cycle!

Topics for the year


For your information, these are the topics that will be covered this year:


History and Geography

Autumn 1 (first two weeks): History of Warwick

Autumn 1 and 2: Meet the Flinstones - children will learn about the Stone, Iron and Bronze Ages.

Spring 1 and 2: Extreme survival - children will learn how animals are adapted to different climates.

Summer 1 and 2: Tomb raiders - children will lean all about the Ancient Egyptians.



Autumn 1: Rocks and soils.

Autumn 2: Animals including humans.

Spring 1: Plants.

Spring 2: Light.

Summer 1 and 2: Forces and magnets.



Autumn 1: We are programmers - children will learn to program an animation using 'Scratch'.

Autumn 2: We are bug fixers - children will find and correct bugs in 'Scratch'.

Spring 1: Typing: children will learn to touch type.

Spring 2: Email: children will learn to send, respond to and add attachments to emails.

Summer 1: Spreadsheets & Graphing: children will learn to present data in a spreadsheet and graphs.

Summer 2: Databases - children will create and use databases.



Children will learn about Christianity and Hinduism.

Class routine

Monday and Tuesday - Mrs Tamlin

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday - Mrs Costar

P.E. - Monday and Wednesday

Reading books changed - Monday and Thursday

Homework - Set on a Monday and due in the following Monday

Times tables - 3, 4 and 8 x tables


Learning without limits nurtured by Christian Values