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Welcome to Chestnut Class


Weekly Update 


This week we will be writing a character description looking at using evidence from a text and using thesaurus to use an interesting range of vocabulary. In spelling lessons, we will be practicing the year 3/4 spelling words and consolidating spelling past tense irregular words. In our grammar lessons, we will be learning to use adverbs for time and place correctly in our work.


In numeracy, we are focusing on the properties of 2D shapes, the classification of triangles, the different types of angles and how to use pictograms and bar charts to interpret data so that questions can be answered. 



We are currently focusing on number bonds, timetables and year 3/4 spelling words to support our work in class.


Children should practice their timetables and number bonds using TTRockstars and Numbots (both with same login) at least once a week for each so that they increase their fluency and rapid recall.


Along with this, children need to practice spelling the year 3/4 compulsory spelling words. There is a list of the year 3/4 spellings words along with activity mats and links to games (see below) that can be used with the children to support their learning of these. I suggest choosing 4 or 5 words a week for the children to focus on and encourage them to use the different activities we have been doing in class. (boxing up, rainbow writing, pyramid/diamond building, colour in vowels, mnemonics etc).



Maths Support


Useful books that you could use to help support your child with numeracy are:


Help your kids with maths by Carol Vorderman

Key Stage 2 Maths, The  Study Book by CPG

Key Stage 2 Maths, Workout Year 4 (available for each year group) by CPG

Key Stage 2 Maths, Targeted Study Book Year 4 (available for each year group) by CPG

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