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Religious Education

Religion and World Views


Lapworth School is in the Diocese of Birmingham and we follow the agreed syllabus of Religious Education for the county of Warwickshire. From September 2024 we will adopt the newly updated syllabus, which will take a more local and personal approach to explore individual and community world views. Children will develop an understanding that different groups or individuals might interpret their texts or celebrate their traditions in different ways than other believers of the same faith. Our units of enquiry will explore case studies of individual or communities with different world views, from both the Abrahamic (Christian, Muslim, Jewish) and Dharmic Traditions (Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist) and those who consider themselves non-religious. We will also study and interpret a range of religious texts and will learn to create surveys to explore world views.


The curriculum is structured to ‘reflect the fact that the religious traditions in Great Britain are in the main Christian, while taking account of the teaching and practices of the other principal religions represented across Great Britain’. It will reflect more diverse members of society and will hear voices from within and across religious traditions. We are excited to be adopting this modern curriculum and look forward to pupils over time becoming:


  • Skilled cultural navigators: exploring the worldviews representing the communities that shape us: home, peer group, school, church/mosque/etc, wider community, global ideas/connections.
  • Empowered: promoting pupil autonomy and agency in the classroom, seeing themselves as scholarly and also as the subject of study- every single worldview is relevant to the subject; suddenly RE really is for everybody!
  • Self-aware, reflexive interpreters: critical thinking and authentic engagement with worldviews of others.
  • Individuals taking responsibility: not only for their own worldview and its development but also as they respectfully learn about the worldviews of others.


Every year we hold an Interfaith week. Each class has the opportunity to explore one of the world’s major religions at the organised institutional level, looking at the common stories, traditions and beliefs and exploring the art, food and lifestyle of those who are followers of that religion. We visit places of worship as we appreciate the positive impact that local faith communities can have on pupils' experience in RE.

Learning without limits nurtured by Christian Values