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Week beginning 14.01.19


Literacy: In grammar this week, we will be learning to use apostrophes for possession.  Our reading session will involve us using a dictionary to look up the definition of unfamiliar words and identifying words and phrases that capture the imagination of the reader to create a blackout poem using the preface of 'The Lost Words'.   

Numeracy: We will be measuring the perimeter of 2-D shapes.

Science: We will be starting our new topic 'Plants,' and will be creating a leaflet to explain the role of the flower, stem, leaves and roots.

ICT: We will be starting our 'We are presenters' topic.  We will be looking at examples of sports coverage and identifying different camera techniques, commentary and other information such as scores and times.















Week beginning 07.01.19

Happy New Year and welcome back!  We hope you all had a fabulous Christmas with your family and friends and are feeling well-rested ready for another action-packed half term.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the generous gifts we received at the end of last term.  They were very thoughtful and much appreciated. 


On Tuesday this week, we will be having a bit of an 'off-timetable' day where we will be exploring the spell-poem book, 'The Lost Words' by Robert McFarlane and Jackie Morris.  We will be using dictionaries, exploring language, writing our own acrostic spell-poem and producing some artwork for a classroom display.


Literacy: We will be looking at non-fiction texts, researching information and writing our own magazine article.

Numeracy: We will be revising our times tables and corresponding division facts, focusing in particular on the 4 x table.  We will also be looking at fractions and revising column subtraction.

Topic: We will start our new topic 'Transport'.















If you have any questions about any of the above, please do not hesitate to speak to either of us at the end of the school day.


Mrs Tamlin and Mrs Costar

Singing Playground Workshop

Salt dough insect fossils!

Starburst Rock Cycle

Welcome to Mulberry Class


Dear Parents and Children,


We hope you have had a relaxing summer and enjoyed spending time with your family.


We thought that it would be a good idea to explain the routines in Mulberry Class to help you and your child plan their week.


All children should bring their reading book and homework diary into school on a daily basis.


As the children are now moving up the reading scheme, and the books are getting longer and more demanding, we will only change books on a Monday and Thursday so the children can take more time over their books.



We would like the children to read to an adult at least three times a week. Please sign their homework diary to say you have done this as children who are heard read three times a week will receive a family point.



Children should already be secure in their 2, 5 and 10 times-tables. By the end of year 3, they will be expected to know their 3, 4 and 8 times-tables including corresponding division facts; therefore we would appreciate you working on these on a regular basis.



P.E. will be taught by On-side on a Monday afternoon and Mrs Tamlin on a Tuesday afternoon. Please ensure your child has the correct indoor and outdoor kits in school on these days.


In addition to reading and times tables, the children will be set the following homework:



  • New spellings will be handed out for a spelling test the following Monday.

  • In their spelling homework book the children have to write sentences using their new spellings words. This is due in the on the Thursday of the same week which will allow time to mark them before sending them home again the following Monday.



  • Topic – Power Projects. These are set half-termly for the children to work on throughout the weeks as their knowledge and interest develops.


We will always aim to put relevant information on the class page on the website so please refer here if in doubt.


If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact either of us.


Kind regards


Mrs Tamlin and Mrs Costar

Class Teachers

Dates for your diary


Wednesday 5 September - first day of term

Friday 14 September - first Celebration assembly

Friday 28 September - Macmillan coffee morning

Thursday 4 October - Harvest Festival assembly 9.10 (KS1 classes will be performing)

Tuesday 16 October - Parents evening

Wednesday 24 October - Parents evening

Friday 26 October - End of term

Topics for the year


For your information, these are the topics that will be covered this year:


History and Geography

Autumn 1: Meet the Flinstones - children will learn about the Stone, Iron and Bronze Ages.

Autumn 2: Extreme survival - children will learn how animals are adapted to different climates.

Spring 1 and 2: Transport

Summer 1 and 2: Tomb raiders - children will lean all about the Ancient Egyptians.



Autumn 1: Rocks and soils.

Autumn 2: Animals including humans.

Spring 1: Plants.

Spring 2: Light.

Summer 1 and 2: Forces and magnets.



Autumn 1: We are programmers - children will learn to program an animation using 'Scratch'.

Autumn 2: We are bug fixers - children will find and correct bugs in 'Scratch'.

Spring 1: We are presenters - children will video their performances.

Spring 2: We are network engineers - children will explore computer networks, including the internet.

Summer 1: We are communicators - children will learn to communicate safely on the internet.

Summer 2: We are opinion pollsters - children will collect and analyse data.



Children will learn about Christianity and Hinduism.

Class routine

P.E. - Monday and Tuesday

Reading books changed - Monday and Thursday

Spelling homework - set on Monday and tested the following Monday

Spelling sentences homework - set on a Monday and due in by Thursday

Times tables - 3, 4 and 8 x tables