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Week 6 - Monday 18th May

Hello Ash class and parents,


It is hard to believe that this is the last week of this half term and what a strange half term it has been.


We hope you have felt that our small team groups were more successful this past week. It was great to spend more time talking and listening to each of you individually and sharing what you have been doing. Those of you who were not able to get on and join a team meet please let us know if their are any difficulties that we can help you with. 


Mrs Schroeter has made a video recording of the 'The Elephant's Child'  a story by Rudyard Kipling which has been place in the files of Ash Team on Microsoft Teams (where you go to join Team meets). We would really like everyone to view and listen to this story as we will be doing some work on it in the future.


We are busy with plans for opening up school for year 1 to restart in its new format and will let you know details when everything has been put in place, I know everyone is concerned about this. Would you like to ask your child to write to us with their concerns or questions about going back to school, which will allow us to address any worries with them. This could take whatever form you like - i.e. they could send an email to admin3147 or dictate an email for you to send. You could record an audio clip / video or upload a picture of their writing.  You can also upload files on Microsoft Teams for us to look at.


We hope you have a good week and look forward to seeing you in team meetings.


Mrs Schroeter, Mrs Brookes and Mrs Fletcher.


RE - visiting the Gudwara and sharing food.

Forest School - Leaf Pictures

How about creating a robot or fairy (or some other character) made out of leaves.You may, if you like, upload a photo into the picture file in Microsoft Teams (find it in the files section in Ash Team).

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