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Week 5 1st February

Access White Rose Maths Power Points videos here.


Focus  graphemes: er, ur, ir 


graphemes: ee ea e_e, ie, y, ey


This weeks focus for phonics team lessons will focus on two sound families the /er/ sound (with graphemes er, ur and ir. As well as the /ee/ sound (with graphemes ee, ea, e_e, ie, y, ey)   If you would like further practice with these sounds please access the work sheet in your resources pack or explore the links below. 


Pronunciation of phase 5 sounds


Phonics video: /er/ sound family  er, ir, ur

Phonics video: ee alternative spellings.


Feeling unsure how to support your child with phonics? The following link will take you to a free parents webinar.



During lockdown Phonics Play is allowing free access to their site:

Username: Jan21 

Password: home 


Please join a Teams session on Friday 5th February at 11:00-11:20AM or 11:25-11:45AM and then complete the follow up activity after the session.


The Human Body

This week we are learning to name the external parts of the human body and to label  a picture of the human body.


Your activity is to use one of the pictures in the file below and label the human body, or you can draw or paint your own person and label those body parts.



Year 1 words

said          where

says         there

come       here

some       school

were        are




This week we are going to explore Arctic animals and how they are uniquely adapted to the arctic environment. Explore the power point to find which animals live up north where it is so cold. For the activity you need to locate which countries each animals lives in and add their pictures to the Arctic map. Once you have done this please answer some questions  about these Arctic animals.


Would a polar bear be happy living in the desert?


Please practice handwriting through  A letter with login details can be found below. We would like you to practice forming capital letters and using these to start each new sentence. This weeks letters to practice are Q-T Worksheets can be found in your resource pack or can be found below. You may also try tracing letters directly on your tablet using the letterjoin app and explore other fun features and games.


This week the first lesson in the series on Judaism is now back on Oak Academy. Judaism is very interesting as the Old Testament of the Christian bible is the Jewish holy book the Torah. Please find out about 

What was the first covenant between Abraham and God?



Singing and vocal sounds


You might also like to look at the story Little Red Riding Hood, through songs and musical activities.

ICT:          Maze Explorers


This is a fun new unit for children. It can be accessed through the 2Do button in purple mash.

 or search for 2go in the Purple Mash search box and open app.

When you have mastered the controls to manoeuvre around the maze have a go at the challenges (bottom left button as app launches). This is lots of fun - have a go.

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