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Week 4 25th January


Join us on Teams on Friday 29th January at either 11:00AM or 11:25AM and then complete the activity found below and on Teams-files-science resources.


What do animals eat?


Phonics:      Focus  graphemes: igh, ie, i_e  and ear air and ure,


This weeks focus for phonics team lessons will cover the trigraphs (3 letter graphemes) ear, air, ure and igh. As well as the igh sound family:  igh, ie and i_e.   If you would like further practice with these sounds please access the work sheet in your resources pack or visit the links below. 


Pronunciation of phase 5 sounds

Phonics video: igh sound family

Phonics video: ear, ure er

Letters and sounds lesson: ie


Feeling unsure how to support your child with phonics? The following link will take you to a free parents webinar.



During lockdown Phonics Play is allowing free access to their site:

Username: Jan21 

Password: home 

Geography:            Human Features in the Arctic circle.


This week we are looking at the human feature that can be found within the Arctic circle. Unlike physical features these are anything that can be found that has been made by human beings. Can you think of anything around you that is a human feature in your local area?  What human features do you think you will find up where it is cold and icy in the Arctic circle. Remember that the arctic circle includes parts of 7 countries as well as the Arctic ocean much of which is frozen and covered in snow. Explore the power point below.

For the activity you will need to explore the pictures in the file below (they have not been printed due to the expense so please try and look at them on your screen). Study where these cities are on a map, what do you think it would be like to live there?. Using the worksheet in your resources pack  tick off which human features you can spot in each of the Arctic cities. As an additional challenge you could draw a picture of one of these cities and write a few sentences to describe it.

Y1 words


house         by

push           they

pull             your

full              friend

our              love



Please practice handwriting through  A letter with login details can be found below. We would like you to practice forming capital letters and using these to start each new sentence. This weeks letters to practice are L-P. Worksheets can be found in your resource pack or can be found below. You may also try tracing letters directly on your tablet using the letterjoin app and explore other fun features and games.

PSHE:                       Friendships


Please visit Oak academy for the second lesson about developing good friendships. 'That's not fair.'


This week we will conintue with learning about the Jewish faith.If you looked at last weeks lesson on Moses please find out where Jewish people worship today.



Where do Jewish people worship today.


Talking about music and songs


If you'd like to have a go at another musical activity, then have a look at the website below:

Songs and music activities linked to the story Jack and the Beanstalk.



Continue with your animated stories adding more pages and editing the text. Then look at the lesson plan below to make sure you have explored all the features of '2Create a story', including adding a background. Please save your work to your 'my work' file so that we can view your story and respond.

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