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Week 2 11th January


This week we begin our science topic of Animals including Humans. For those of you who are in school we will have our science lesson on Monday. For those of you who are at home this lesson will be on Teams on Friday. Please have the observing animals activity sheet (found in your pack from school) ready for the follow up task to Friday's lesson.


Below is the power point we will be following, so if your child is not in school for the lesson (taught in school on Monday this week) or can't attend the Teams session they are able to access it at another time.

Year 1 words   to focus on reading and spelling this week:

once              ask          friend

put                 are          were

was                is            his



Please also revise the words from last week. Begin by asking your child to read these words (flashcards below or write words onto paper) and when your child is able to read them, encourage them to have a go at writing them. Some works are tricky, so start with just a few and when your child is ready then move onto some other words.



- Listen to any music and move to the beat of the music. The beat of the music is known as the pulse.

- Dance to music

- Sing songs that you enjoy.


Monday afternoon music activity: Sound effects and talking about sound (BBC Bitesize link below)

Topic: Geography      The 7 continents.

Session 1:

Intro: Take out the A3 map of the world and study it. Ask your child if they know any of the areas of the world and find out what they know already.

If you have an atlas at home please spend some time exploring it. Look at the features that make up an atlas and use the contents page to find the pages that display the continents of the world. If you do not have an atlas use online resources (there are a few listed below). There are some interactive games below that allow you to guess which continents are which.

Explain that the large land masses of the word are called continents. Discover the names of the continents and label the continents on the A3 sheet. You can either write in the names or cut out the labels that are supplied and stick them on. Decide and identify which continent we live in. Colour the continents in green.


Session 2:

Explore the web or your atlas to find the 5 oceans of the world. Add these too your map.

In your pack you also have a key that you can add to your map. Colour the square next to the letter c in green and write the word continent. Also add the word ocean to the key.


Extra Challenge:

Can you research through the internet all the places where penguins live in the world.Can you draw a little panguin in each of these places (or add an x if this is tricky). Add your penguin or x onto the key.

ICT: Purple Mash

(Purple Mash can be found through resources on the home page of welearn365)


Most of the children managed to save the first page of their animated stories during the last ICT lesson. They can now continue working on this by opening their saved file through the 'work' icon. If they have not saved a story yet they may start a new animated story through: 

or search for 2Create a story through the search engine in Purple Mash home page and click on the first icon. Launch app and select 'simple story'. 

An example of how to create an animated story can be found here:  

Children can use the pens to draw a character and use the buttons at the top right to add sound effects and animations. New pages can be added to the story by clicking on the + at the bottom right of the screen.

This is a copy of the lesson plan for you to follow if needed: 


If we all performed random acts of kindness to our family during this time when we are all in lockdown together it will make our time a lot happier. Please open up the power point below - it might be a great idea to do this with the rest of your family so that you can share these ideas together. When you have finished there are some picture/vocab cards and an example for an illustration of your own acts of kindness.


How many random acts of kindness can you show your family this week?


Please practice handwriting through A letter with login details can be found below. We would like you to practice forming capital letters and using these to start each new sentence. This weeks letters to practice are A B C D worksheets can be found in your resource pack or can be found below. You may also try tracing letters directly on your tablet using the letterjoin app and explore other fun features and games.

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