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Term 1

W/B 02.09.19

No homework set this week as the children are settling in. Remember to read your reading book twice before next Monday to get it changed. If you would like to do some preparation for the year then spend some time practising your 2,5 and 10 times tables smiley


W/B 09.09.19

Homework this week is to practise your number bonds to 10 and if you feel confident with these, try your number bonds to 20. There are lots of websites below which have games that help you practise. I have also uploaded some worksheets for you to try if you would like extra practise.

Suggested Websites for Number Bonds to 10 and 20:

Save The Whale bonds to 10: 

Funky Mummy bonds to 10:

Funky Mummy bonds to 20:

Number bonds to 10 machine:

Hit the button (teaches a range of number facts):



W/B 16.09.19

POWer Projects linked to our new topic 'Indian Spice' have gone home today. This topic runs right until Christmas so they are not due in until the 2nd December. Please feel free to make a start on this with your child if you would like to.

WB 23.09.19

Maths sheet practising comparing numbers using the Greater Than > and Less Than < symbols.

WB 30.09.19

Maths sheet practising odd and even numbers.

WB 07.10.19

Handwriting sheet practising cursive handwriting of common spellings. Sheet 4 of the PDF.

WB 14.10.19

Homework this week is to learn the 10 times tables up to 12x10. The children are all confident counting in 10s forwards and backwards and now the next step is to learn the actual multiplication facts. They need to be able to answer questions such as 'what is 7x10? what is 3x10?' out of order and with quick recall rather than counting on fingers.

Resources to support times table learning can be found on the main page of the Beech Class website under 'Times Tables'. 

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