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Spring 2 Wk 2 1st March

Weekly timetable and Teams meeting plan:

White Rose Maths:              Measuring using a ruler.


World Book Day, Thursday 4th March



This week our focus, as well as recapping letter sounds, will continue to be on reading and spelling of high frequency words. The words we are focusing on are the first 100 high frequency words, which is attached below. Children develop their reading and spelling of these words through our phonics teaching in school as well as through their reading and writing. Many of these words are included within the Y1 words, but some are not.The ten words we are focusing on can be found below too. The Teams sessions on Monday and Tuesday will focus on these words and others from the list.


Weekly words

for              back

looked       Mr

very           Mrs

don't          made

will             saw


First 100 High Frequency words 


This term we will be practising printed letters. Printed letters are suitable for particular tasks such as labelling a diagram, or filling in a form and sometimes a mixture of printed and capital letters are required for example, when writing an address. This week we will focus on printing the letters f-j.


This week in science we are continuing to look at the seasons and will be looking at the changes as we move from Winter to Spring. Our Teams session on Friday 5th March, ayt 1:00 PM will focus on this.


Please look at the power point for signs of Spring and then think about which of these signs of Spring you have seen so far this year. You might like to go on a walk or look in your garden and use the Spring checklist, or create your own, to help you identify early signs of Spring. Could you then create a Spring picture or collage to show one or more signs of Spring?  There are some pictures and instructions below to give you ideas. What you do it is up to you, but have fun being creative and please share your work with us.

Topic:                   Antarctic Exploration


When we return to school we will be exploring Antarctic Expeditions past and present, where we will compare the failed expedition of Sir Walter Scott with that of the successful Antarctic Crossing by the 'Ice Maidens' in 2018. At home this week you may like to find out a little bit about this all women team of explorers and how their planning, training and endurance led to their record breaking successful crossing of the Antarctic on skis.


This week find out how Jews express their faith today. Look at this Oak Academy lesson.


Please continue to explore the lessons on Friendship from Oak Academy.


Lesson 4 'Listening Ears'


ICT:                              Maze Explorers continued.


To access the Maze activities you can find them on the 2Do button in purple mash 

 or search for 2go in the Purple Mash search box and open app. When you have mastered the controls to manoeuvre around the mazes have a go at the challenges (bottom left button as app launches). This is lots of fun - have a go.



  • Try challenges 7 and 8

  • In 2Go you  can change the background pictures in the challenges and therefore create a new challenge. You can give your family a challenge to try.

To begin choose which level of challenge you want to use, and select the challenge.

To change the background image but keep the same direction keys, click on the ‘new file’ icon. Top left corner. This will take you back to the first screen, where you can use the large white arrow keys to scroll through the background images until you find the one you want to use. Click on the OK button and this will allow you to use the background picture with the same direction keys.

Set yourself a challenge and see if you can accurately control the way through the Maze. Give a challenge to family members and support them to use the maze. Can you unpick others programming errors.

  • Try ‘Make your own’ and design your own back ground.


Dance with the elements: fire and water. Listening and moving to the music, copying the dancers’ movements or physically interpreting the mood of the different music.

Learning without limits nurtured by Christian Values