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Spring 2 Wk 1 22nd February


This week's focus for phonics team lessons we will focus on some high frequency words, which are not on the Year 1 word list, but are words that are useful for children to be able to read and spell.


The words are also our 10 weekly words listed below. During the Teams session the focus will be on reading of these words and checking that children understand how each word can be used in a sentence.

Weekly Words

all              with

her            what

have          this

like            down

little           when



For the first fortnight of the second half of the Spring term we are looking at the season of Winter. The seasons is one of our Year 1 science topics, that we teach throughout the year, looking at each season as it occurs.


We are beginning by linking our learning on the senses to exploring Winter with our senses.

Join us on Teams on Friday 26th February, 11AM: exploring Winter with our senses. Please then do the follow up activity, see below for resources for this.

Topic:       Climate Change and the Melting of the Ice Caps.


Please join Mrs Schroeter for a Teams meet on Thursday at 10 O'clock about Climate change and how this is affecting the polar ice caps. You might like to explore this on the internet before hand, I have included a few web links below. For parents of children who are anxious or worry a lot please watch these with your child and possibly view them before hand. Please reassure children that climate change is a slow process and will not be happening in the near future and scientists and the public are working towards change. Task for this week is to create a poster for your family about how you can help prevent climate change. I have also included a science experiment that you may want to do to demonstrate the effect that the melting polar ice caps can have on sea levels.


This term we will be practising printed letters. Printed letters are suitable for particular tasks such as labelling a diagram, or filling in a form and sometimes a mixture of printed and capital letters are required for example, when writing an address. This week we will focus on printing the letters a - e.

ICT:                              Maze Explorers continued.

To access the Maze activities you can find them on the 2Do button in purple mash 

 or search for 2go in the Purple Mash search box and open app. When you have mastered the controls to manoeuvre around the mazes have a go at the challenges (bottom left button as app launches). This is lots of fun - have a go.


This week continue exploring the Maze challenges on 2go - challenges 4-6. Enter the direction keys and number of moves into an algorithm (set of instructions) to direct your character then press go to see if your character reaches its goal. 

Aims for this lesson:

  • To use the additional direction keys as part of their algorithm. 
  • To understand how to change and extend the algorithm list.  (select this icon at the bottom of the program list on challenge 5).

  • To create a longer algorithm for an activity.


Please look at this Oak Academy lesson to find out 'What do Jews believe about the messiah?' How similar are their beliefs to yours?



Please continue to explore the lessons on Friendship from Oak Academy.

Lesson 3 'Forever Friends'

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