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Remote learning Wednesday 6th October

Remote Learning Wednesday 6th October


  • Phonics: Watch this lesson on youtube and join in with blending the words -

  • Reading: Read your school book or one of you favourite books from home. Remember to write it down in your reading diary so it counts towards our reading challenge! Talk about the main character with an adult - what happened to them in the story and why do you think they behaved in the way they did?
  • Writing: Draw a picture of your own imaginary fairy tale wood. When you have finished write some sentences, with capital letters and full stops, to describe this wood. Don't forget to use one or two words to describe each noun you can find there. Remember nouns are all the things you can name (pebbles, bushes, brambles, ferns etc.) Please bring your work back to school to show us.
  • Maths: Last week we started exploring the numbers to 100 and looking at the hundred number square. You can familiarise yourself with this with the 'paint the square' app.


Today start thinking about one more and one less than any number. Talk about objects or numbers you see around you. What is one more or less? Visit Oak academy to practise identifying one more or less than a number within 20.

  • Geography: If you have any maps at home have a look at them. Examine the key and the symbols. Can you spot them in the map. You could also look at online maps of your home on google maps.

Now have a go at designing your own map showing the route from your house to a place nearby (shop, park, school, friends house etc). Maps are drawn as if you are looking down from the sky. Can you do this? Can you use language such as turn right or left go straight on etc, when you are describing your journey.

  • Handwriting: Log in to using the log in details below. Choose some letters that you find tricky and would like to practise and have a go at writing them. You can do this on a tablet or print the worksheets below off to practise your one armed robots and zig-zag letters. 

Here is an example of a map. Have a go at drawing something similar of where you live? Here is an example of a map. Would you like to draw something similar of where you live?

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