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Guided Reading

Each week, I will set a guided reading activity. Your child may need your support reading the text. If your child encounters a tricky word, please encourage them to use our reading strategies to sound it out and blend it, which are;

  •  spot any special sounds 
  • chop it up into syllables 
  • don't guess the word 
  • look for suffixes (the word ending)

If your child is in Cinderella, they can complete the 1 star text.

If your child is in Pinocchio or Goldilocks, they can complete the 2 star text. 

If your child is in Snow White, they can complete the 3 star text.

Of course, we always encourage the children to challenge themselves so if they would like to complete the text of the star above, we welcome it! smiley


Questions to ask when reading with your child

Guided Reading WC 1st March

For Guided Reading WC 1st March, there are lots of different activities for you to choose from to celebrate World Book Day!

Guided Reading WC 22nd February

Guided Reading WC 8th February 
Guided Reading WC 1st February 
Guided Reading WC 25th January 
Guided Reading WC 18th January 
Guided Reading WC 11th January

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