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History & Geography

The Muddy Footprints adventure travel company wants you to plan a 'once in a lifetime' adventure holiday that will appeal to seasoned travellers. The travellers meet in New York City, then head to the north of North America to begin their journey, and finish at the southernmost tip of South America.


Your route should take in six different locations across North and South America. The travellers will want to explore a range of environments, so the journey should visit areas with contrasting climates and places with a variety of interesting physical and human features. 


You will have to do a lot of research! When you have learnt all you need, your task is to create an information pack for the travellers. This should present the information clearly: it also needs to include a map showing the location of each place, and colourful illustrations. It can be in the form of a leaflet, a poster, a PowerPoint presentation or another format of your choice. 

Task 1

Choose your group of travellers. 


Task 2

  1. Locate North and South America using an Atlas or Google Earth
  2. List what countries make up North and South America
  3. List 5 places you could visit in North America, for example, The Grand Canyon, San Diego, Niagara Falls
  4. List 5 places you could visit in Central America, for example, St Lucia, Costa Rica
  5. List 5 places you could visit in South America, for example, Peru, Brazil


Now, with your traveller group in mind, which places across North, Central and South America (maximum 6) will you be visiting. Remember, you're starting in The Big Apple (NYC), heading to the north of North America and then finishing at the southernmost tip of South America. Locate them on the blank map. 

Task 3

  1. Read about longitude and latitude using the bbc link. 
  2. On the world map identify the Equator, Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn and Greenwich Meridian. 
  3. Using where your group of travellers are from, locate on the world map. 

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