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Class Reading Book - The Girl who Speaks Bear

As a class, we had begun to follow the journey of Yanka the Bear. We had been introduced to her friends, Mamochka, Mousetrap, Anatoly's stories and, most recently, Ivan the wolf. 


I have found a few Youtube channels, of other teachers, where all chapters of the story are recorded. You can either start again or, start from where we finished, which was Chapter 9.



Chapter One, Yanka the Bear

Chapter Two, Anatoly

Chapter Three, The Festival

Chapter Four, The Show

Chapter Five, Bear Legs

Chapter Six, The Bullfinch Calls

Chapter Seven, Into the Forest

Chapter Eight, Ivan the Grey

Chapter Nine, All Bear

Chapter Ten, Yuri

Chapter Eleven, The Rescue

Chapter Twelve, The Wolf Pack

Chapter Thirteen, The House with Chicken Legs

Chapter Fourteen, Elena

Chapter Fifteen, Valentyna

Chapter Sixteen, Cod Fishing

Chapter Seventeen, The Bear Cave

Chapter Eighteen, The Bear, Yanka

Chapter Nineteen, The Crumbling Castle

Chapter Twenty - The White Wolf

Chapter 21, Sasha

Chapter 22, Sasha's Ghost

Chapter 23, The Herd

Chapter 24, Travelling North

Chapter 25, The Edge of the Forest

Chapter 26, The Frozen Ship

Chapter 27, The Fiery Volcano

Chapter 28, Smey

Chapter 29, Mousetrap's War Dance

Chapter 30, The Truth in the Story

Chapter 31, The Lime Tree

Chapter 32, The Forest

Chapter 33, The Fire

Chapter 34, The Girl with Bear Legs

Chapter 35, Home

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