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Term 5

As the children are working so hard on their SATS in school this term I will not be setting any spellings or homework tasks.


The POWer project for our next topic, The Home Front, will go home during the last week of term so you can begin to look at it over half term if you wish.


If you would like some extra work to complete with your child at home this term then these are the areas I would advise most children to practise:

  • 2 and 3 times tables - some children are still not able to recall these quickly. If they are then it is useful to practise the related division facts (e.g. if you know 2x3=6 then you also know 6÷2=3 and 6÷3=2)
  • Using coins to pay for items in shops and measuring around the home in grams and millilitres.
  • Spelling the list of year 2 common exception words sent home earlier in the term (because, beautiful, sure and sugar in particular!) and also practising spelling common homophones correctly (e.g. there/their/theyre and to/too/two)
  • Reading as many different texts at home as you can - a range of fiction, non fiction and poetry ideally.
  • Practising writing in full sentences, with correct punctuation and joined handwriting - you could write a diary, a letter, a story, or whatever you like!

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