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PE and Sports Premium for primary schools

Primary School Sport Funding 2017-2018

All primary schools are in receipt of additional funding from the government specifically to enhance the provision of PE for pupils.

Lapworth School has received £13,686 for the financial year 2017-18. Below you will find a breakdown of how this money has been spent and its impact.

What are our objectives?


  • To improve the quality of children’s learning in P.E. lessons

  • To provide specialist teaching for P.E

  • To improve staff P.E. skills

  • To support team building (generally and for competitive sports)

  • To continue to offer a wide variety of extra-curricular sports.

  • To provide sporting and physical opportunities for all.

  • To ensure that each child has the opportunity to have access to 30 min of physical activity each day in school (From Sept 2018)

  • To provide a broader range of sporting activities for children in school.


  • How are we doing this?