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Family Time

What is 'Family Time?

Although Family Time is only in its second week, it is already clear that it is going to become a key part of the PSHE programme at Lapworth Primary School.

Family Time sessions are held each Friday afternoon and are led by year 5 and 6 pupils who are trained and equipped to lead pupils across the school on a range of topics ranging from the school's key values (friendship, respect, peace and forgiveness) to internet safety and developing good relationships.

All pupils in the school belong to a 'family'. Each of these families have individual identities beginning with the family name. Prior to January, year 5 and 6 pupils met to discuss key people in history who they feel have impacted on the world in some way. in response to this discussion, each family chose one of these key people to name their family after. The six families are:

  • The Pankhurst family
  • The Mandela family
  • The Armstrong family
  • The Wright Brothers family
  • The Keller family
  • The Churchill family.


The leaders of each family then wrote a family prayer based on the values they felt this famous person might inspire in others e.g. determination, self-belief, bravery (see below). The prayer is said at the start of each session. Pupils play team-building games and do art and craft activities and teaching sessions as part of the week's theme. Year 5 and and 6 pupils have been truly impressive in their willingness to take advice on how to lead the sessions, making sure that all the members of their family feel valued and respected.


Staff and pupils are very excited to see how Family Time might grow as the months go on. Can I take this opportunity to say well done and thank you to all the pupils involved.


Mrs T Davies